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Try Natural Products that Work! {A Koru Naturals Review}

When I was asked if I'd like to review Emu Oil and Pure Lanolin Lip Balms by Koru Naturals, I thought, that would be be a bit of a departure from the types of things I usually blog about, but why not?  In the snowbound northeast, with dry, frizzy hair and cracking lips, testing out the products would be timely.

Trying Koru Naturals products also would not require too much of a change of routine on my part, which is a good thing, because I am not great at routine changes and I am also a minimalist when it comes to body care products.  I wear no make up, pretty much just wash-and-go with my hair and, besides brushing my teeth, use very few products daily.  What I do use for products, though, I like to lean toward the natural side with.  

What Is Koru Naturals?
Credit: Kori Naturals

Koru Naturals is a company that opened in 2002 in order to share body products made with time-tested ingredients with clients in the United States, Canada and several European countries.  All the products Koru Naturals offer are made with ingredients from New Zealand that have been used for thousands of years for people to protect their skin, fight common health problems, and promote their general well-being -- things like lanolin, active manuka honey, manuka oil, rosehip oil and Rotura mud products.  None of Koru Naturals' products are tested on animals.  Better still, due to the rich tradition of the ingredients that Koru Naturals uses paired with the benefits of modern technology, each Koru Naturals product is both naturally beneficial and a good value.

Our Experience

Koru Naturals Review 

When we received our four-pack of Pure Lanolin Lip Balms (4 tube pack, $9.80) my daughter Nina was suffering from intermittent, annoying and ugly cracked lips caused by weather and cold sores healing.

Usually, when her lips are in such a condition they get much worse before they get better.  She licks them and picks at them, causing scabbing.  Since trying Koru Naturals Pure Lanolin Lip Balms, however, that has not been the case.  The thick, glossy balm (and some prayers, according to Nina) have offered comfort.

The cold sore, which you can see under the thick salve of Koru Naturals Pure Lanolin Lip Balm in the picture above, have not turned into scabbed open sores recently.  This keeps my girl comfortable and smiling, which, in turn, keeps me smiling.

Thank you, Koru Naturals, for creating a product that can help my girl's lips!

I have been using it, too, and have found that, although at first it seemed goopy - almost seeming more of a jellied ointment in the tube than a stick - it is definitely a helpful product!  It has virtually no flavor or strong scent to it - which is a big bonus in my book - and keeps my lips protected from the crazy winter weather we've been having.
I have taught my girl to dab Pure Natural Lip Balm on her lips with a clean finger or with a clean cotton swab (due to her cold sores) and I simply dab my own stick of Pure Natural Lip Balm straight onto my lips from the tube.  Then, I rub my lips together to spread it.  This keeps the lip balm from going on a gloppy, thick mess, which is what seemed to happen when we tried drawing it across our lips as we would most other chapsticks and lip balms.  It also keeps our lips protected and for a while after application, shining.  Koru Naturals Pure Natural Lip Balms gets thumbs up and smiles wide from us!

Koru Naturals Review

Emu Oil (2 oz. bottle, $9.95) does, too!

My plan for the Emu Oil was to use it to keep the effects of chlorine from the pool we go to in the winter from being too bad for all of us.  However, between snowstorms and winter bugs, we have not been going to the pool much.  So, instead, I have simply been using it to tame my dry winter hair!

As you can see in this lovely stealth (and oh so not flattering) shot my daughter took of my oldest and  reading one January evening which I just found, my hair is usually one bug, bushy, frizzy mess.

A selfie taken the other night to show the effects when I realized that I am rarely in any of our pictures, but could use a visual to share to show the effect of Emu Oil, evidences that while, yes, I may need a hair cut and to use the Emu Oil to help with, um, happy age lines, the Emu Oil does make a difference in my hair!

I simply put a few drops of Emu Oil - and I emphasize few, because a little goes a long way - in my palms after I shower (and even on the days I don't shower), rub my palms together, and finger comb the oil through my hair.  

Doing so leaves my curls more defined and tamer, which leaves me a little less reluctant to share photos of me!

I will continue to use Emu Oil on my hair and will begin using it more on my children's hair, reminding them to only use a few drops at a time so as not to over-do things, as my daughter is wont to do, leaving her fine hair oily if I do not guide her correctly.

Now that I am confident with the product, I will likely start using Emu Oil for other things, too.  I have heard it can be wonderful for skin and all of my children and I can use some no-fuss, effective skin help - my children for little red bumps on their arms and me for being a "mature mom". 

Would We Recommend Koru Naturals?

 I would recommend both of the Koru Naturals products we tried, Pure Lanolin Lip Balms and Emu Oil, since they are effective and easy to add into your daily routine.  Our positive experience with them makes me confident that other Koru Natural products, such as these that other Schoolhouse Crew Review Members tried, would be equally effective:

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Koru Naturals Review

What natural products have you been trying lately?  

I had not heard of Koru Naturals before adding them to our body care routines for this review.  I am quite happy I have now.  Easy, effective, and good value.  A little goes a long way.  That's my kind of no-fuss, natural product!

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