Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards (A Free Printable - Now Updated)

NOTE: My apologies! There was an error on the title of the painting in the final card in the documents I uploaded before. It is now corrected! 

Since September is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, I decided to put together some Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards to use with the children.  I am sharing them for you to enjoy, too. 

Just how can you enjoy them?  Here are ten ideas:

Print out two copies of each card.  Cut one copy out along only the solid lines.  Cut the other out along the solid and dotted lines.  Use the first as control cards and the second as working cards as you would typical 3-part cards.

Charlotte Mason Style

Use any of the pictures on the cards for a picture study.

Matching Games Style

Print two copies of the cards, cut along the solid lines only and, then, play any traditional matching game with them.  Concentration and Go Fish are favorites here.

Clue Games

Print two copies of the cards, cut along the solid lines only.  Spread one set of picture cards out, face up.  Using the other set of picture cards or the text cards, have one person give clues to others about a specific card.  The others should try to find the card among the ones laying face up.  (This can be framed as an I Spy game.)

File Folder Game

Create a file folder matching or sequencing game by affixing control cards to a file folder, as well as an envelope of loose cards..


Print one set of cards cut them out, and challenge children to sequence them.  For extra fine motor practice, challenge child to hang the cards in order on a clothesline using clothespins.

Prayer Meditation Cards

Cut the cards, punch a hole in each and put them on a ring.  Then use them as mediation cards, meditating on the event referred to by each card and saying one Hail Mary per card.

Lapbooking Style

Use the cards to make a feature in a lapbook about Mary, Monthly Dedications, etc.

Be Inspired

Use the images as inspiration for making your own artistic renditions of Mary’s Seven Sorrows.


Use the cards as a jumping off point for other activities and studies for you or your children.  Some resources you might enjoy checking out are:

Getting Back to A Call to Faith Formation for Young Children

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I would love to hear how you use the cards.  I'd also appreciate links and descriptions of your favorite Our Lady of Sorrows activities and resources.  Please share in a comment.


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