Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Spots: Bay Farm Conservation Area

If you're ever driving down Route 3 in Massachusetts and need to stretch your legs, I know a gorgeous place to do so:

A little ways off Exit 10 is one of our family's favorite spots:  Bay Farm Conservation Area.

I found the spot before I was married and have visited it countless times since alone, with my children, with my husband and with friends.  Each time I do, I find myself breathing in its beauty and then exhaling with grateful, re-charged peace.

My children, on the other hand, rarely marvel quietly at the natural beauty of the space.  Instead, they let it ignite their imaginations...  

The last time we went, Luke decided that the boulders along the ocean there would make a great spot for a fort.  All about Explorers, the first settlers to America and the Revolutionary War, he imagined himself on the lookout.

He used the trees to hide behind, defending himself from the enemy.

Nina joined him in a stick-sword dance up the boulders...

Meanwhile, Jack used his strength to climb up the boulders another way.

But, things were not all imaginary battles...  Lots of nature discovery unfolded, too.

As we made our way along a meadow trail to the ocean, Nina was a master critter spotter.  She called her brother over to inspect one of her finds.

Then, when we were building rock castles on the shoreline, Luke found a little something:

It was a tiny crab!

Jack found himself something tiny, too.

A mini-pool with snails in it.

Yes, from balancing along boards on the way to the ocean... 

... to running over small bridges with energetic delight...

... to spontaneously interviewing a man searching for precious metals with a detector, of course, igniting the children's interests, to seeing a wedding photographed... to imagining battles, making discoveries and hanging out on the rocks with fun finds like imagined arrowheads...

... the last time we went to Bay Farm Conservation Area was a literal field trip full of adventure and delight.

As we walked away, I knew we'd be back soon.

I was not wrong.  We have already planned a walk and dinner picnic with friends there this week!

Bay Farm Conservation Area is such a great spot for homeschool nature studies, family time, meeting friends, stretching legs and enjoying the great outdoors.  Plus, it's free. Enjoy it!

Location Details

  • To get to Bay farm Conservation Area: Take Exit 10 off Route 3 in Massachusetts and bear right onto Rt. 3A north. Turn right onto Parks Street. Bear left at the fork onto Loring Street. Continue on Loring Street past Bay Road. Parking will be less than a half mile up on the left.

  • A trail map of the paths through the field and grove to the rock ledge and beach can be found on the Duxbury town website.'

What are some of your favorite spots?

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