Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sharing Easter Joy (Plus a Free Printable)

Ready to go egging!

It was after nightfall last night when the children, Mike and I went on a mission to share Easter joy.  Since that mission was a secret one and would have been exposed by camera flashes, I opted to avoid photographing much of it.  However, the memory will remain strong in my mind -- and the meaning even stronger in my heart.

First, we snuck across the street with quick, quiet footsteps and excited, yet hushed giggles to "egg" a neighbor's home.  Then, with Daddy driving our getaway van, we hit a nearby friend's house.

Later, as the children dyed their own Easter eggs, they chattered about what our neighbor and friends might think when they wake to find they've been "egged".

The children were excited to share both literal sweets and the more figurative sweetness of the message:


We are so glad He rose and wish all a joy-filled, blessed Easter!

Don't forget.  Easter begins today.  It's not too late to "egg" someone yourself.  If you'd like to use the poem I penned to do so (which was inspired by the many I have seen online in the past), please feel free to do so.  You can find it here.


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Mägi said...

Such a sweet poem. I love this idea! Fantastic shot of your kids. Such bright eyes and vivid personalities.

Thank you, also, for your prayers. Those I appreciate especially. Really grateful. Thank you.


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