Sunday, October 7, 2012

20 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know: For Table or Vehicle

Quite some time ago, I shared about our daily prayer pegs.  Although there are some days that we are more attentive to these than others, we almost always begin our days with our breakfast prayer peg.

Now, because our breakfast prayer peg time includes both grace and enjoying a rotation of Bible stories, saint stories, devotional stories or Bible verses, one might expect to find us gathered leisurely around our kitchen table, or at least on a blanket in our yard, each morning.  In an ideal world, that would be so.  But in our current reality, it is not.

Due to some early morning engagements this autumn, some days we breakfast in our minivan.  That means that if we are to continue our faith study habit of enjoying Bible stories, saint stories, devotional stories or Bible verses together in the morning, we need to do so in an audio format.

Finding appealing faith-based audios for our family is not too challenging.  In fact, Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in Your Hearts CD’s, Volumes 1 and 2 is a long-time favorite of ours.  (I shared a bit about that here.)  What is a challenge, however, is finding something that transfers from minivan to table (or blanket) with ease.  For the children tend to want to saturate themselves in whatever resource we are using on a given week (or month) and also prefer our more traditional format of read-alouds over audios on the days when we are at home.

That is where our recent discovery of 20 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know (Heritage Builders)comes in.   During a search for a completely different type of audio book in our library system database, I ran into the title 20 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know.  It sounded pretty good, so I reserved it.

On the day the book and CD set came in, we had an appointment, so I popped the CD into our player.   The next day, I began reading the accompanying book as a read aloud with the kids.  Not only did they enjoy it, but when I got to the song lyrics included in the devotional book and began reading them poetry-style, they enthused, "We know that!  We heard that in the car!"  (And, I wasn't even attempting to sing the lyrics with a tune.  I was just reading them rhythmically.) Then, they begged for the next story, and the next (somewhat like they did with a recent favorite devotional, Five-Minute Devotions for Children: Celebrating God's World as a Family, which I shared about here).

In less than a week, even with me purposefully capping our breakfast prayer peg read-aloud time of  20 Bible Verses Every Child Should Know at two chapters a day (or three when the children are just too eager with their pleas of "one more" to refuse), we are almost done with the book and wishing there were a 20 More Verses Every Child Should Know.

Interested in previewing the book to see if it is right for your family?
  • To get a feel for the book's illustrations, devotional stories, song lyrics and memory boosters, check out the preview at Amazon.
  • To see if you like the tunes on the CD, listen to the clips at  
  • And, if you'd like to try a little handwriting exercise along with the book, head on over to Passport Academy for free copywork downloads.
If you have other favorite faith-based CD-book combos, please let share their titles.  Here are some of our recent Morning Prayer Peg books and CD's:

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