Thursday, September 22, 2011

Act Like an Elephant Action Cards

As promised in yesterday's extensive Elephant Appreciation Day: A Huge Load of Ideas for Montessori-Inspired Elephant Unit Studies, I am sharing the simple Act Like an Elephant Cards I made.  To my amusement, as I do, my children are in the hallway playing a version of the game.

First, they set our Time Timer (which we won in a My Special Needs Network member contest and are loving!) for fifteen minutes.  Then, they laid out the cards in a circle.  Then, they got little elephant figurines to use as marker.  Each is now taking turns rolling a die, moving the number of spaces rolled to a card, "reading" it and acting it out down the hallway and back, trying to see how many times they make it around the card circle before the timer goes off.  Lots of activity, some reading practice and giggles, too.  Love it!

Want your own set?

To Print

Simply click on each graphic or click here for a GoogleDocs PDF to print.

To Play

  • Use as Command Cards:  Show a card to your child and act out the word together.  Then, take turns acting each out. 
  • Use as 3-Part Cards: Simply print two sets, cut the words off one and leave them on the other.
  • Play "Elephant Says..":  Just like "Simon Says...".
  • Dice Game:  Put cards in a circle.  Roll one die.  Move a marker as many places as indicated.  Do the action.  Play until you've made it six times around the circle track.
  • Big Dice Game:  Tape the cards onto a large set of dice (made from boxes) and roll for movement breaks throughout your work period.
  • Paper Plate Actions Game:  Place all cards face down on one paper plate.  turn one over onto another paper plate.  Imitate the elephant.  Do the same until all the cards have been acted out.
  • Timer Game:  Pick a card.  Set a timer or use a sand timer.  Enact the action on the card until the timer goes off.

Enjoy!  And, if you come up with a new way to play, please stop in and leave a comment so all can benefit from your experience.

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Unknown said...

Wow! Tons of great activities!! Thank you for sharing.

Lori said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this material. It's so cute and I can't wait to try it with my 2 boys. They'll love it! I featured your post on the Montessori MOMents Facebook page:!/pages/Montessori-MOMents/186597394722411
Keep up the great work. You are helping so many of us!

Deb Chitwood said...

What a fun game! Great cards and extensions. Thanks so much for sharing them! I added your link to the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

The Sunshine Crew said...

Little Bro wants to study elephants this year so this is perfect! Thank you so much!
:) Colleen

Una Belle Townsend said...

I've just discovered your elephant action cards. I really think they're great. I wrote a book called "The Great Elephant Escape" about the elephants that escaped from circus headquarters in Hugo, OK in 1975. I'm always looking for new ideas to present to children as I do author visits at schools. For older students, I think I'll glue one set of cards (without the words) to the left side of a poster and glue the words on the right side of the poster. Students will be able to match the word to the picture.


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