Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3-Part Car Movement Cards: In-Seat Movement Breaks for Car, Bus or Desk

The school year is upon us.  For some, that can mean more time spent in the car, on the bus or seated at desks.  This can be trying for any body, especially little bodies that are eager to move!

To help prevent the wiggles, you may want to try our 3-Part Car (or Seat) Movement Cards:

We'll be using these today and throughout the week as a simple, fun way to help release wiggles, coordinate motor skills and focus on body parts in a fun way.  

I created these last year before a long road trip  and found them a useful tool in our Car Activity Bags.  Since then, we have also used them at home as three-part cards in many of the same ways we use our 3-Part Life of Mary Sequencing Cards and our 3-Part Unicorn Song Cards.  (The Unicorn post features 10 ways we like to use cards!)  This year, I am thinking of printing out three fresh copies to put on rings to attach to both of our older children's car seats as well as to put in Luke's workboxes.  This way, the children will have a quick routine at hand to help them get their wiggles out whenever they need to.

I am also planning to use them for some Math and Health/P.E. lessons by playing card and dice games with them.  Basically, the kids will roll dice or pick a numeral card and then pick a movement card.  They will perform the action on the card as many times as indicated by the dice or numeral card.  Easy-peasy counting and movement fun!

If you'd like to use the cards with your children too, please feel free to click on the graphic of them.  A large-sized version should pop up for printing.  If it doesn't, simply leave a comment and I will email some to you.

As always, if you know someone who might benefit from these cards, please feel free to share a link to this post (as opposed to just passing on the cards themselves.)  And, please do stop by again to share how you use these cards successfully in your homes and classrooms.  Thanks!

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