Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

What's this? 

A time machine!

Yep!  That's right.  While I was engaged by some phone calls and chores the other day, Nina and Luke busied themselves gathering boxes, tape, scissors and sundry other bits and pieces to initiate construction of their long-awaited time machine.

LeapFrog - Talking Words Factory"Long-awaited", of course, is a relative term.  Luke received an old broken keyboard and clock- by his own request - as his "recycle" Christmas gift this year during our "free Christmas" family gift exchange and has been wanting to build his very own new time machine inspired by the Leesa Waldron's Robert and the Dinosaurs book he received last summer and, more recently, by the machines in the Leap Frog video he received as his "free movie" Christmas gift from a cousin.  (And, yes, this is Time Machine, Version 2.  The kids' first one can be seen here.)

So it was that Luke and Nina - my industrious engineers - moved from imagination to creation and back to imagination, enlisting my help as an assistant who could rip duct tape and tape "electric", "wings", "seats" and other components as they directed me to do so.  All the while, I mused:  "Perfect timing!"  A time machine just before the New Year.  and one they have continued to make adjustments and additions to morning, afternoon and night, since they first constructed it.

Time travel has been the main entertainment in our living room for the past few days.   Here's hoping Time Machine 2010 can move us both back for some wonderful reflection and ahead for great fun, learning and blessings in between taking us "to the North Pole, of course", which was Luke's first planned stop!

Wherever Time Machine 2010 takes us, we know we will experience adventure, grace and wonder.  And, we pray that as you bid adieu to 2010 and welcome 2011, your days remain filled with all things beautiful and blessed as well.

Here's to a bright 2011, filled with grace and gratitude.  May your New Year be rich in reflection and rejoicing, smiles and simple pleasures, prosperity and productivity, love and laughter and, of course, the wonder of pausing to take life at the pace of a child now and again.  What fun I had the other morning doing so with ours! 


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