Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why No Posts?

I have been trying to focus more on family and home lately, which means limiting my Internet time.  Still, I was planning to put a fall review together with loads of gorgeous pictures we took this fall of the kids during learning, play and trip time, along with explanations of what the kids have been learning and loving.  But, it seems I am learning something myself instead, or two somethings to be exact: 
  1. Always back up your computer!  Even after the virus and hard drive problems we had last spring, which, thankfully, were resolved without loss of data, I have been neglecting to back up our files.  (One of those things that gets lost in the array of things that beckon for limited time and attention.)  Well, our new computer's hard drive has gone already and it looks like I might have lost everything on it -- yes, everything to include all the photos we have taken from Jack's birth through his fifth month birthday, which was yesterday, save for the tiny versions of a few photos I have put on this blog.  Needless to say, I am very sad about this (and angry at myself, too.)  And, I would appreciate it if any family and friends have pictures of Jack, Nina or Luke from May forward, that you send me them on a disc.  And as silly a thing as it may seem to pray for, I ask that you join me in saying a little prayer for our computer guy's expertise (and God's hand through it) may prevail over my stupidity in not backing up files and the inevitable failure of man's technology.  I know photos, business files, personal thoughts, to-do lists and all the sundry things I failed to back up on my computer are mere "things" and ones that have very little importance in the grand scheme of things, but we would still love to "save" them.
  2. Focus more on things that don't involve a computer.  When we had computer problems in the spring, it made me realize how "addicted" I had become to our computer.  Though not connected to it 24-7, I realized I had been, perhaps, spending too much time blogging, gathering information, writing, etc. as compared to the time I had been spending doing other things.  Since then, I have tried to limit my computer time.  However, I recently recognized that both my urge to have "me time" on the computer and my actual time tapping away at the keyboard were on the increase again.  Hmmm...Perhaps my computer's unexpected hard drive crash is an obvious message that I need to take another look at how I balance the time gifted to me each day.  So I am praying, and asking you to pray with me, for a heart that is continually more aligned to God's will for me, one that struggles less with time management of all things because I willfully place priority where it should be, when it should be, with loving God and loving others above all things all the time.  The computer can be a wonderful tool for fulfilling the call I hear to being a wife, mother, homeschooler, homemaker, etc., but it can also be a hindrance.  I pray for the good judgment to know the difference.


Nancy said...

Hello! I was introduced to your blog today from Catholic Mothers Online! I've enjoyed reading about you and your family!
I just wanted to suggest one thing that might be of help regarding your computer issues....try Carbonite! For a reasonable annual fee, they will back up ALL of your computer files! I am so thankful for this as computer had a "hiccup" moment and we could have lost everything! I think they offer free trials.
Anyway, welcome to Catholic Mothers Online and Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Anonymous said...

Dropping by from Catholic Mothers Online to say hi! :) #2 is hard for me, I was sans laptop last week which made it easier. I really need to limit my online time, it's too distracting and detracting otherwise!

The Sunshine Crew said...

Sorry that you lost your photos. Did you lose your homeschool files as well? Please let me know if you did and I will see what I might have that would be helpful to you.

Also, I had set up the Reggio Emilia linky this week for you, but so far, no one is linking. Sorry that i was a bit sporadic with hosting this linky, but we have been super busy and blogging had to take a back seat to family life.

Well, hope that you will be able to get some of your photos back...
hope that you are enjoying the Advent season.


Unknown said...

Martianne, I love your blog (even if you are on hiatus!), so today I gave you the "Me Encanta Tu Blog" (I love your blog) award.


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