Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grace Comes...

SceneMommy is feeling very pregnant and a bit impatient, wondering how she is going to make it through bedtime alone with the kids yet another evening when they are wound up, not showing any signs of being tired and demonstrating "selective hearing" and deteriorating behavior.  Nina is kneeling on a chair next to Mommy, scoffing down a failed, but still yummy, attempt at making homemade all-fruit sorbet.  Luke is done with this and has just gone off to get into something.   Mommy is savoring the brief moment of peace.

Luke (reentering kitchen and coming towards Mommy):  I havenever seen anyone like you Mommy?

Mommy braces herself for another "You are soooo big" comment after having her afternoon peppered with observations on how large each part of her body - except her nose, eyes and mouth, according to the kids -- is getting.  Then, she realizes this could be something totally different.:  Oh really, Luke, what do you eman?

Luke (saddling up next to Mommy): You are the greatest Mommy ever. 

Mommy is shock to hear such kind and unprovoked words from her son remains in silence in happy, shock, saying a quiet prayer to God for the warmth and strength to get through the rest of the day that just came with this little exchange.  Luke crawls into mommy's chair to give her a big hug.

Luke:  You always listen to me.   (And, this from the boy who was pitching a fit just a bit earlier about not getting his way.)  You're such a good Mommy.

Mommy hugs and kisses Luke, telling him thank you and she loves him.  she gives Nina, who is dripping with scraped, rock-hard sorbet, a kiss, too.  Then, she realizes Luke has never shared anything quite like this of his own volition as far as she can recall.  She is is moved and touched. 

Very pregnant.  Very behind on to-do's.  Needing to ask others for help lately (a difficult thing for this independent Mama).  Not modeling patience and kindness as much as she should.  Momma has been feeling like a bit of a failure at parenthood lately and depending very much on God to grant her grace along with her third child-gift in the coming weeks, knowing He wouldn't offer the gitrft without the grace... 

Grace is coming early through the mouth of a four year old!


Floortime Lite Mama said...

what a Marvelous moment from such a lovely child
One of the best pieced of advice of got when pregnant from another friend was to be be kind to myself
So I shall pass that advice on to you M - the last stage of pregnancy is sooo hard isnt it
Especially when you are taking care of a home and kiddos and apparently making sorbet from scratch !!!

Unknown said...

You sound just like my friend who is also in the last stages of pregnancy. I keep saying-give yourself a break, slow down. I know it's difficult when you're a "I can do this myself" type. You're obviously doing a great job after what your little blessing said!

p.s. take time to enjoy the sorbet and the little kisses too, they are what you (and your children) will remember when this time has passed, not the tantrums! :-)

Marcia said...

Love your site!
I've given you an award. Check out

Martianne said...

I know how much I enjoy comments and emails, so instead of responding to comments and emails here, I usually go to the blog or email address of those who comment and respond to them that way. But, today I wanted to copy the response I just wrote for someone as a way of saying thank you to all who take the time to comment:

I am so very honored to have received this award from you. Thank you! It made me smile this morning to read your comment and to realize that even when life keeps me away from blogging and commenting on other's blogs, the Internet makes "conversation" and sharing possible. How wonderful that we can be resources and inspiration for each other even as we attend to our own busy lives through having our posts, ideas and comments available for each other even when we are otherwise occupied. Thank you and blessings!

Stacy said...

How sweet! Sometimes children amaze me with their ability to tell us what we really need to hear. Mine always seem to sense when I need a hug or a kiss.


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