Sunday, November 4, 2018

Introducing Our Mysteries of the Rosary Peg Dolls and our November Liturgical Shelf

October whizzed by before I made time for my children and myself to swap out our September liturgical shelf with an October one.

Thus, my daughter and I found ourselves combining inspiration from October's devotion to the Holy Rosary and November's devotion to the Holy Souls when making our November display.

For the display, we chose a white cloth to remind us of the purification souls must go through before enjoying the bliss of being in union with God in the glory of heaven.

Marian Devotions

On one side of the display, we kept the paschal candle our friends made for us this year and placed an Our Lady of the Rosary peg doll which we received in a Marian swap and had meant to put up in October. 

On the other side, we kept a blessed white candle another friend gave us for Candlemas place and put a vignette of our Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and St. Catherine Laboure in front of it, since Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal will be celebrated on the 27th of this month.

Betwixt these two Marian ends, we set up our main display to remind us to pray Rosaries and special prayers for the dearly departed throughout November. 

Introducing Our Mysteries of the Rosary Peg Dolls

Our Rosary reminders includes, of course, rosary beads. They also include peg dolls that we received in a swap a while back which represent each mystery of the Holy Rosary.

The Joyful Mysteries dolls include:

  • a Mary doll with an angel modge podged to it
  • a St. Anne doll with John leaping in her womb
  • a small-sized Jesus doll with a line sketch of the Nativity painted on it
  • a doll with Mary painted on one side, Jesus in the middle, and Joseph with doves on the other side
  • a Mama Mary and Child Jesus doll set

The Glorious Mysteries dolls include:

  • a John the Baptist doll
  • a Jesus with wine doll
  • a apostle with the Word doll
  • a golden (transfiguration) Jesus doll
  • a Jesus doll with bread and wine, plus a modge podged image of the Last Supper

The Sorrowful Mysteries dolls include:

  • a beautiful Agony in the Garden set with a kneeling Jesus sweating blood, a small rock and an angel
  • a bound and scourged Jesus (the red scourging is on his back)
  • a Jesus crowned with thorns (which has gone missing so is not pictured)
  • a Jesus carrying a cross
  • a Jesus on a cross

The Luminous Mysteries ones include:

  • a risen Jesus
  • an ascending Jesus
  • an apostle receiving the Holy Spirit
  • a Mary with clouds and stars (for the Assumption)
  • a crowned Mary

Holy Souls Calendar Pages

Behind these dolls, we placed the All Souls calendar pages that we made in our AMP club last month. 

On three of these calendars, we have pre-written names of our own dearly departed as well as names of the beloved deceased of friends, relatives, and blog followers who have asked us to pray so that we can remember to specifically pray for these souls this month. 

The fourth calendar page remains mostly blank, because one child of mine asked to write names after praying and not as a reminder to pray.

Still to Come

Later this week, since some of us have forgotten the words to the St. Gertrude Prayer for Holy Souls, we plans to redo our copywork of this prayer and to slip it between the wall and our Our Lady of the Rosary pegdoll for easy reading access. 

(In the past, we have also done copywork of The Eternal Rest prayer, but do not need to redo this since we have all long since memorized this prayer and pray it faithfully upon passing cemeteries when we are driving around as well as when we hear of people passing.)

It's Working

We have just put our November liturgical shelf display together display, and it is already actively focusing us on both last month's devotion to the Holy Rosary and this month's devotion to praying for Holy Souls.  

In fact, just before leaving for a walking Rosary to a local cemetery this afternoon, we checked our calendars for the names of the deceased we would pray for along the way.

Then, as is our custom from the 1st through 8th of November when we got to the cemetery, we prayed for special indulgences for Holy Souls in Purgatory before selecting random souls to pray for. his tradition has become a meaningful and beautiful one for us, and I encourage you to consider making it customary for your family, too!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.  


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