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Parent Tweens with Grace and Hope? {A Review}

Whether you are on the cusp of parenting a tween or in the thick of things, the book No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope from Great Waters Press is one I'd suggest reading!

The book is filled with memorable anecdotes, practical recommendations, solid Scripture, and a great balance of education and encouragement about successfully parenting your tweens!

Authors Hal and Melanie Young, who are internationally known Christian publishers, writers, bloggers, and popular conference speakers, hit on a wide variety of topics in this 204 page softcover book aimed at parents of children ages 8-14 and - as they so often do in other parenting books - prove themselves a wonderfully wise, practical, and refreshingly real duo!  

Drawing on their personal experience as parents of six boys and two girls as well as on encounters with others tween parents, Hal and Melanie write in a conversational tone about how to navigate the often trying tween years using a Christ-centered approach to parenting that will help you protect your relationship with your children as they continue to grow

As I read the book, load stood out to me - making me nod in recognition, "a ha" with "that makes sense", pause to let words sinks in, and more.

I also found myself sharing about the book before I had even finished reading it

In fact, I began the book just after I had faced a typical tween mini-meltdown, and, since the book immediately gave me perspective that helped me move on with the day in a Christ-centered, relational, understanding way, I found myself bringing it up to a friend.

Then, as some other parents and I sat chatting at a campout about our hormonallly charged, emotional tweens,  I found myself sharing more. (I had been reading the book in the early dawn hours in my tent.)

There were just so many facts, tips, anecdotes, and ideas that jumped off the page as I read.  Some of them included:

What research says about hormonal surges in tweens on page seven of in Chapter 1: Getting Bigger.  That sure explains a lot about my kiddoes!

The reminder on page 16 of Chapter 2: The Rollercoaster.  How many times a day since I have read this, have I thought, "Martianne, don't get on the rollercoaster!"

The story on page 30 of Chapter 3: Brains Turn to Mush.  Oh, how many times I have thought my children were being lazy or disobedient.  Maybe their just distracted by their internal changes.

A well-timed reminder on page 49 of Chapter 4: Many A Conflict, Many A Doubt helped me remember not to freak out!

On page 58 of Chapter 5: The Awakening a sad fact hit me hard.

Page 88 of Chapter 6: Social Struggles I was reminded how important it is to start awkward conversations early.

On page 96 of Chapter 7: Media, Gaming, and Discernment, I discovered practical questions to help my child.

Page 117 of Chapter 8: Conflict at Home affirmed our family choice to set aside Our Lord's Day for family time and memories.

On page 132 of Chapter 9: Transitioning, I was encouraged to keep on training and checking in as my kiddoes travel the road to adult responsibility.

I thought the ritual the authors discuss in Chapter 10: Celebrating Growth was interesting - although I am not sure my family will follow suit.

Chapter 11: Producers, Not Consumers was inspiring and real - and echoes my own thoughts in many places, like on page 172.

The final chapter: The Next Big Thing is full of great ideas and gems, as well as worthy cautions, like the one on page 180.

There is so much more, too.  Hal and Melanie truly cover a lot of ground in 
No Longer Little: Parenting Tweens with Grace and Hope, using a straight-forward, personable, Christ-centered approach.

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Hal and Melanie have written many wonderful books, including Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality, which I am digging into next and will review later this week.

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