Friday, May 8, 2015

What Timeless Warm-Weather Pleasure Floats My Kids Boats?

Making boats, of course!

The other day, Nina helped me share about a simple spring pleasure that she enjoys: making dandelion crowns

Today, I thought I'd follow up with another timeless warm-weather activity that all my children enjoy: making and floating boats.

Recent Boat-Making AdventuresTruly, on our recent trip to see my in-laws, I realized anew that boat fun is  an activity that never seems to get old for my children despite how old my oldest is getting!  In fact, of all three of my children, he seems to be the one that explores with boats the most:

...saving them when they crash against rocks under bridges...

...sending them adrift near gutters...

... trying to get them to cross small ponds...

Luke and his siblings also like to construct their own boats from natural materials...
They have also long-loved making boats with recyclable materials.

The material matters far less to the children than the experience of the timeless warm-weather pleasure of making and floating boats!

It's Fun AND Worthwhile

How many dandelions can the boat carry?

On small rivers, on ponds, in the ocean, in our kiddie pools, even in the sink, child-constructed boats float often around here when the weather is warm.  As they do, the children inherently:

  • learn about buoyancy.
  • practice the engineering and design process.
  • exercise their brains and bodies.
  • demonstrate focus.
  • immerse themselves in sensory smart experiences.
  • employ both fine and gross motor skills.
  • breathe and relax.
  • explore natural surroundings.

They also often end up coming together as a team and, most importantly, delight in self-directed play, usually outdoors.  That sure makes boat-making a worthwhile way to enjoy warm-weather hours for my crew How about for yours?

Do you children enjoy the timelessness of boat-making?  What other classic activities never seem to get old for them?


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