Sunday, August 25, 2013

Officially Introducing Art, Imagination and the NFL

About seven months ago, my oldest asked Daddy if he could start his own blog.  Daddy then approached me about it and I thought, Why not It would be a fun way for Luke to tell stories, find his voice and share his passions.  So, we challenged our oldest son to come up with a name for his blog, which he promptly (and cleverly, I might add) did, and thus Art, Imagination and the NFL was born.

As of today, Luke's blog is but 10 posts old, so to speak, a fact that is my fault not Luke's.

Luke would happily post weekly, maybe even daily, if he could.  However, he is not yet able to type and punctuate words and sentences yet (much less be on the computer unsupervised) so his blogging endeavors are subject to parental help.

Since I have been on partial, and sometimes full out, blogging breaks myself for the greater part of the year, Luke has had to practice extraordinary patience about if and when he might blog.  This week, his patience (and, okay, persistent requests) paid off.  While I worked on some much needed de-cluttering in our home today, Daddy sat down with Luke to browse recent photographs, choose one to write about and, then type out Luke's story about the photo (or, rather, the drawing the photo is of.)  And, so marks the occasion of Luke's 10th post at Art, Imagination and the NFL, a blog our boy envisioned, requested and wants to continue to build.

Art, Imagination and the NFL is an eclectic online space.  It's one that excites my boy.  He is thrilled when he sees comments there and lights up when new location points get added to what he named the "Who in the World Am I Talking to?" map.  If you have a chance then, please pop over and leave him a comment.  He'd be psyched!

How do you support your child's interests and imagination?

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Amy said...

Love your Batman and Robin drawing, Luke!


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