Sunday, October 18, 2015

Our Cookie Rosary

What’s a mom to do when breakfast needs to be fairly quick, happily celebratory, but still somewhat healthy? 


If you’re this mom and it’s Our Lady of the Rosary’s feast day, you whip up a batch of gluten-free, casein-free vanilla, almond, coconut cookies and some GFCF chocolate chip cookies to make a rosary with; realize you are all out of fresh fruit so “treat” everyone to single-serving apple sauce cups; and pour some “it’s a feast day” chocolate almond milk into special glasses.

Then, you lay all this out on a blue tablecloth with a white candle and a statue of Our Lady holding a blue-and-white rosary, and you’re good to go.

The kids wake, delighted for the surprise feast day breakfast. You pray grace, chat about the significance of the day, then, as a family, pray a heartfelt decade together for a special intention. Each person touches a cookie for each Hail Mary that is offered. 
Then, the kids marvel as you tell them they may eat the entire decade of cookies they touched. Yes, all then! It is a feast day, after all.  

One child, then, gets silly with her chocolate chips, laughing, “Look, Mom, the Holy Ghost!” 

All devour breakfast with thanksgiving and, then, move on to the full day ahead, including a feast day celebration and Works of Mercy club kickoff with friends

Yep, some family feast day celebrations are simple, yet such a great start to our days here.

In what simple ways do you start feast days with your kiddoes?


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