Sunday, February 22, 2015

How the Spirit Can Speak Through Snow

Look at the trees and see how gently they are wrapped in the snow. 

Think of how God wraps you gently in his unconditional love. 

Notice how each flake drifts downward. Think about how slowly we must proceed to remain safe if we have to go out. 

Consider these things a reminder to slow ourselves down internally, too. 

Witness how the snow piles up and how, as you scale atop it, you can climb to places you couldn't before. 

Enjoy the new perspective you get from those places. 

Perhaps the snow is like life's challenges. They build up sometimes, layer upon layer, but eventually, as we accept that they are there instead of bemoaning it, and look at them with a different angle, they can help us move higher

Also, ponder: When we try to go at our own paces and do our own things, keeping up with our plans in spite of the snow, things can get frazzled... and even dangerous. 

However, if we slow down, accept and adjust, a calm can come. Beauty can be noticed. Like the way the an icicle catches the morning sun. 

I, for one, am not good at slowing down nor letting go.  I am most comfortable when I am on the go or when I "take control".  Snow encourages me to stop.  It reminds me I am not in control. 

Like many, I need to let go and accept what is. To do what I am called to do in a single moment to help my family, my home, my circle of influence... 

Even if it is simply feeding the feathered friends that sing to me as I shovel. 

Indeed, I am called to pause. To breathe. To be. In the moment. Outside in the snow - again - shoveling. Grateful. Blessed. Quietly listening to the way the Spirit stirs me. 

What are you called to in this moment?'

Wherever you are. Whatever the weather or the circumstance, may you find a blessing in it and listen for how the Spirit might be speaking to your soul.


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