Monday, October 13, 2014

Get Your FREE Printable Sorrowful Mystery 3-Part Cards!

Note:  This post contains an affiliate link to our favorite rosary CD's from Holy Heroes for your convenience.

Last week I shared five tried-and-true strategies that I've used for getting children to pray the rosary.

This week, I am delighted to report that our strategies are still working.  Between youtube videos, audio CDs and a parish collaborative rosary event, at least one of my children has gladly joined me in praying the rosary each day this past week.  In fact, on more than one occasion, all three did, and, once, my children even requested a second round!  (Miracles can and do happen. Praise the Lord!)

I am hoping our habit continues this coming week, and, thinking it will as we look forward to an end-of-the-week cupcake rosary with friends.

For that rosary event, I plan to make a Montessori-inspired Sorrowful Mysteries Rosary Box to share.  Thus, I spent some time after the kiddoes got to sleep tonight making 3-Part Sorrowful Mystery Cards for the box and am sharing them now with you!

Please enjoy these cards, and offer feedback if you have a moment to do so.  For, I am trying out a new size with these cards and am wondering what you think about it.  Too big?  Too small?  Just right?  Let me know.  

I also made both an image- and a text-based card for each mystery based on someone's prior suggestion and, then, made versions of each of these cards with "cutting lines" and without since someone told me that they prefer control cards not to have lines on them.  (See, I do take constructive suggestions when folks are kind enough to offer them!)

Next week, I hope to share pictures of our finished Sorrowful Mystery Rosary Box!

Would you like me to make corresponding sets of cards for all the mysteries?  What other resources help you teach your children about the rosary or act as prayer aids?
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