Monday, October 3, 2011

5 Ways to Use Montessori 3-Part Bob Books Cards

The other day, I decided to make Luke some 3-part cards to go along with the first four stories from the Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers.  So far, these have been a hit as we have explored them in an introductory way.  Luke has been having fun creating phrases and sentences with the cards.

What are some ways you and your child might use the cards (and ways we’ll be using them here)?

  • Introduce the Cards:  Print one set of cards.  Cut them out on the solid lines only.  Then, let your child explore them, trying to make words and phrases. 

  • Use them as Traditional 3-Part Cards:  Print a second set of cards.  Cut this one on the solid and the dotted lines.  Use the first set you cut as control cards for these. 
  •  Play Card Games:  Using two sets of cards cut only on the solid lines, play games such as Go Fish, Concentration and the Slap Game.

  • The Hallway Game:  Using cards cut on the solid and dotted lines, put the picture portion of the cards at one end of the hallway and hold the word portion of the cards at the other end.  Have your child draw a word card and then crawl, jump, skip or run down the hallway to find its match.  Then, play by drawing the picture cards.
  • Build a Sentence:  Using the word portion of the cards, have one person build sentences.  Then, have the other find the matching picture portions of the cards or simply draw their own illustration of the sentence on a blank page or whiteboard.

Playing with the cards both independently and with others, your child is sure to master the words from the first few Bob Book stories, thus gaining confidence and fluency the next time the actual books are picked up to be read.

To print copies of these cards, simply click on the small graphics of them.  A larger graphic should pop up on your computer which will print on a regular sized piece of paper.  On the blank cards, you may wish to write your child's name and attach his or her picture.

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Of course, if you choose to use these cards, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop by to leave a comment about how it went. And, if you'd like to share them, please share the link instead of the cards themselves.  Thanks!

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Amanda said...

Fabulous idea! Jonathan likes the Bob Books and this will be a great resource for us. I'm warming up my printer now... Thanks for sharing!

BTW- You won our giveaway so check your email!

Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis said...

Thank you so much. This is just what we needed at my house as we move into a more Montessori inspired environment. I am pinning this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Humble Mom said...

These look awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Deb Chitwood said...

What a wonderful idea, Martianne ... you always come up with such great ideas for games and activities! Thanks so much for sharing your cards! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

Anonymous said...

These will really help with fluency! Thank you!

k balman said...

Thanks for sharing. I just won the sight words from Bobs Books and they are also sending me set 1 to review.

Martianne said...

Thanks, Amanda. Lucky you, K Balman. Hope you enjoy the cards. Look forward to your review.

k balman said...

We are going to start using the cards this week so I will let you know how it goes. My Daughter just started reading books 1-4 and is doing very well.


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